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Raise your Keller home to new heights with eye-catching ceilings

Want to infuse your Keller home with architectural interest? Start at the top. “The ceiling is the most overlooked design element in a space, hands down,” said Brian Patrick Flynn, whose interiors are regularly featured on Consider this: The largest solid surface in a room – besides the floor Read More

5 ways to redefine your Keller home’s outdoor space

Winter’s coldest days make you appreciate spring and summer, as well as the warm afternoons spent outdoors enjoying these seasons. Anticipating the warmer weather can give people something to look forward to and when the time comes, there’s no better place to relax than in your own Keller backyard. If Read More

How to avoid winter chills in Keller without the higher bills

Every year, Keller homeowners face the expense of coping with winter – from cranking the heat to lighting your home during a season with fewer hours of daylight. However, it doesn’t take a lot of new technology to turn your house into an efficient home, and the payoff can be Read More

Design a kitchen backsplash in your Keller home

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a top-selling feature with Keller homebuyers. Does yours convey style and functionality? Whether you’ve just completed a remodel or you’re looking for ways to upgrade your existing kitchen, a tile backsplash will instantly transform the space into an eye-catching masterpiece. It’s Read More